• Get a permission to work 10 hours per week and full time on holiday time
  • Extend your visa from England to continue your university studies.
Morning Intensive
Number of Weeks  9:15-  12:30 9:15-12:30 y 13:30- 16:45
12 £2,870 £3,710
24 £5,690 £7,370
36 £8,510 £11,030
48 £11,330 £14,690
Intensive + Internship - Schedule
Number of Weeks Number internships Total number of Weeks 9:15-12:30 y 13:30- 16:45
8 4 12 £4,385
16 8 24 £8,045
24 12 36 £11,705
32 16 48 £15,365

About Regent's University London

At Regent’s, independence is an attitude of mind. They aim to develop students who question the status quo and are entrepreneurial in their thinking. They have the academic freedom to pursue their own ideas, and are committed to meeting the individual needs of students in order to produce alumni of distinction. Whenever the opportunity arises, they take the independent path. They offer both UK and American-style degree programmes in a wide range of fields, including business and management, finance, humanities, creative arts, social sciences and design. Their campuses reflect their spirit of independence. The secluded grounds of their main campus in royal Regent’s Park are a green oasis in the heart of bustling central London, offering an exclusive student experience, while their Marylebone campus is by independent businesses that celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and enterprise, intimacy and individuality that is typical of Regent’s. The campuses are within easy reach of all that this exciting European city has to offer. They are close to the centre of London and the city’s famous theatres, galleries and museums, as well as major sporting and entertainment venues.

Why Regent's University London

Intercultural exchange and international languages are a crucial part of education at Regent’s – their students are citizens of the world. Many students spend a period of their studies abroad, gaining experience of other cultures, languages and work practices. They are encouraged to take classes in any of nine economically important languages, and receive extensive support and teaching if English is not their first language. They actively encourage all students to undertake internships and work experience, and their careers advisers are on hand to advise and support them so they can secure their career goals. 

Location and Address:

London, UK Regent's Park, London, NW1 4NS
Founded in: 1984 Establishment: College Institution type: Private Total number of students: 3591. Type of accommodation: Off campus and on campus Contacto WhastApp: (+44) 7956253150