The Southampton Data Science Academy is a partnership between the Web Science Institute at the University of Southampton and Cambridge Education Group. The SDSA was established to bridge the data skills gap, providing research-informed industry-focused education and training.

The Southampton Data Science Academy has been established to enable companies and individuals to get the skills they need to thrive in today’s digital economy.


  • The University of Southampton is ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world
  • Its Web Science Institute has experts in Computer Science, Web Science, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Health Science, Social Science, Economics and Business
  • They are founding partners of the UK’s Open Data Institute in Tech City, set up to lead UK businesses in exploiting data.
The Web Science Institute brings together world-leading interdisciplinary expertise to tackle the most pressing global challenges facing the World Wide Web and wider society today. It is necessarily interdisciplinary, as much about social and organisational behaviour, as about the underpinning technology.

The courses have been built by world-leading experts to fit around the working demands of busy professionals:

  • Bespoke content, to teach you the skills you need in an easy to follow yet robust and rewarding learning path.
  • A hands-on approach to learning data skills, with opportunities to apply many of the techniques and concepts covered in the taught material.
  • Expert tutors to guide you through the material, dealing with any questions or difficulties you might have along the way.
  • State of the art learning platform, ensuring easy access via phone, tablet or computer, anywhere in the world.


Fundamentals of Data Science (Technical)

This course equips beginners with the theoretical knowledge and technical skills to apply the powerful insights of data science to their work, as well as providing the foundations for a career in Data Science.

This course has been exclusively designed from the ground up by the world-leading Data Science team at the University of Southampton.

The course emphasises a hands-on approach to learning data skills, offering a number of interactive, online exercises that will let you try out many of the techniques and concepts covered in the taught material. The technical aspects of the course are implemented using Python, and we strongly recommend you have some experience with Python or similar languages.

Data Science for Digital Marketing

This course is a practical introduction to how you can use data and data science techniques to improve marketing insights and manage customer interaction in web-based environments. Its content is aimed at people charged with delivering real engagement with their organisation’s clients in a digital age. Offering a practical use of data science for marketing insights it aims to help you enhance customer acquisition, retention and grow your customers lifetime value.

The course will demonstrate how to set up an example campaign, walking you through how each stage of the decision process and emphasizing the types of data that need to be collected or used and introducing the range of tools and techniques that help analyse this data. You will gain a better understanding of the role different sources of data can play in making sense of customer engagement, including aspects such as:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Behavioural data and metrics
  • Churn prediction


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