Dear students, I’m Erika Rodriguez founder and director of Studies Planet.

In 2006 I arrived in London as a student and I faced different challenges and obstacles, a year after that I created Studies Planet in order to advise, guide and help more Colombians such as myself who have the same dream of learning English and gaining a master’s degree.

These years of my life in England have been the best. I initially studied English and then completed an MBA. I have met many cultures, thousands and thousands of people from around the world, and have travelled all over Europe and learned valuable lessons. It has been a totally enriching experience and creating Studies Planet has been the best thing that happened to me, every day my team and I advise and help students around the world to help guide them to success. I love my work as it is very rewarding, sharing my knowledge with you and seeing how each of you achieves his/her dreams as I achieved mine. It fills me with excitement and joy to see the happiness of my students and how grateful they are to my team and me for the guidance we provided them.

I have an office in Bogotá Colombia that is managed by my mother who lived the experience of having children studying and living abroad. Between the offices of London and Bogota we have attended approximately 10500 students over the years. We specialize in England, we are accredited by English UK and ICSOs (Office of Immigration Commissioner). I also have offices and a very good teams in Ecuador, Chile, Peru and México. We built a very good relationship with universities and colleges in England and I have some special scholarships for South American students. If you are reading this I hope to have the opportunity to meet and share my knowledge and experience with you, and we will do our best so that you will reach your goal.

Do not hesitate to contact us at +44 7877254370- what’s up: +44 7956253150 in London or +57 3114753505or 3008729164 in Bogota Alba Marina Sanchez